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Lugley's TMRestaurant 18/12/07

The restaurant is currently closed.. Re-opening soon

Lugley's Restaurant was opened by Angela Hewitt in 1980. It was a life long dream come true. Previously she had operated catering concessions at The Castle Inn, Sandown, Seaview Yacht Club and Brading Haven Yacht Club.

She opened the restaurant in a disused petrol station in Lugley Street, Newport and right from the beginning determined it was going to be the type of establishment that served fine food. Within a year of opening she had won an accolade in the nationally famous Egon Ronay Good Food Guide. A year later she was in the Good Food Guide and the AA Good Food Guide where she obtained 2 rosettes.

In 1987 Angela moved Lugley's into the country and re-opened in Staplers Road, Wootton - next to Butterfly World. During her time at Lugleys Angela cooked for the Royal family including all the Royal Princes, Philip, Edward, Andrew, Michael and Princess Alexander. She also catered regularly for Wight Link and for the Royal Ballet when they came to Osborne House. She also produced a small range of flower scented luxury ice-creams for the retail market.

Due to nothing more than sheer exhaustion Angela decided to close the restaurant in 1993. She decided not to sell the restaurant as she had built up masses of good will and always believed that one day she would use the name again.

Numerous phone calls from her old customers asking for her recipes led her to write several cookery books. Isle of Wight Cookery published by Dove Cote Press. What's Cooking on the Isle of Wight, followed by Four more books called What's Cooking in Oxford, New Forest, Cotswolds, and Brighton. The were published by her own publishing company Travelling Gourmet Publications. She also wrote Cooking on the Move and Herb Growers Cook Book. She has sold some 11,000 cookery books. She spent a year giving talks and cookery demonstrations to WI's and Towns Women's Guilds on the Island.

While an elected councillor for the Isle of Wight Council she was regularly recognised as the chef/proprietor of Lugley's restaurant and she was able to offer her knowledge as a restaurateur during council business meetings.

Recently Angela published an up dated What's Cooking on the Isle of Wight incorporating the Wight Good Food Guide. She aims for the book to used as advice to chefs as well as a guide for diners.


"Lugley's" is a registered trade mark and cannot be used by anyone without the express permission of Angela Hewitt. No one has been given such permissions to date. Anyone wishing to use the name to promote their business or products should contact Angela on 01983 296110

Angela would love to hear from Lugley's customers.


What's Cooking on the Isle of Wight incorporating Wight Good Food Guide

Available in Waterstones, County Press Shop and other Island book shops

or phone 01983 296110